About Us

Doug Thiemann established Thiemann Equipment in 1998. He applied the knowlege of 15 years of rowing experience, and several years of trailer design into creating a better sling. He wanted to produce something that is lightweight and compact -- without sacrificing any durability. The "Atlanta" sling was the end result and the rowing world has applauded Thiemann for his efforts. Now in use by more than 100 universities, clubs and high schools, the "Atlanta" sling can be found at Regattas all over the world.

Thiemann Equipment has has receintly produced the "Sydney" sling--a scaled down version of the Atlanta sling designed for singles and doubles. Released in 2002 the newest product, the "Thiemann" Tee, fills the need for quality boat storage at the regatta site.

In addition to manufacturing high quality slings, Thiemann Equipment has a growing reputation as engineering sturdy, reliable boat trailers. Choose from one of our various designs to find the trailer that will best fit your university's or club's needs.

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